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As the IT industry has grown, so have the services provided by The Computer Doctors. We are evolving everyday to keep abreast of emerging threats, new technologies that can benefit our clients and cutting edge business process to help our customers get the most from their technology budgets. See how The Computer Doctors can create a new, more efficient IT environment at your business.

IT Services

We one of Mobile's oldest and most established IT service providers. We have worked with some of the best companies on the Gulf Coast. Find out what we can do for your company today.

Network Design and Installation

Whether you have a need for your first network or have outgrown your current configuration, The Computer Doctors can help get you connected.


If you want real time deep monitoring of what is happening on your network, The Computer Doctors can help. We partner with the developers of the top systems monitoring software and can create a custom solution for you.

Remote Support

In the high speed business environment, Remote Support can be the fastest, most efficient and affordable solution to many IT issues. The Computer Doctors are strategic partners with Teamviewer, the world's leading remote support software.

Data Recovery

Any hard drive or storage medium can fail. The Computer Doctors can be a valuable partner when disaster strikes and you need your critical data from a failed device. With our own forensic software and partnerships with America's best recovery services, We can get it back for you.

Security Testing

Is your network secure? The Computer Doctors uses cutting edge software and ethical hacking techniques to test your security systems. From onsite audits to full scale penetration testing, The Computer Doctors can ensure you are safe.
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